By the Numbers: Design Process for a Short Adventure

After DMing for many years, I started watching videos online about creating campaigns and adventures.  Many talented people have put out interesting content in recent years.  Having a bit of experience, I find some online personalities more helpful than others (Guy Sclanders from Great GM is my favorite).  I’m now trying to internalize some of … [Read more…]

Events Surrounding the Fall of Jerusalem in 1187

Historical Context for the Hollywood FilmsKingdom of Heaven and Arn:  Knight Templar Preface: I Initially wrote this article for my medievalist friends, who recreate an order of soldier-monks in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).  They often show new recruits The Kingdom of Heaven (2005) and Arn: Knight Templar (2007).  At some point, they asked … [Read more…]