About Us

The CGG (Christian Gamers Guild) is a group of committed Christians who enjoy games of all kinds. It was begun in December 1996, by James W. Aubuchon, who posted a notice on rec.games.frp.announcements asking if any Christians were interested in forming a group to discuss role-playing. The group began as an informal e-mail list of each persons e-mail address that the members posted to. However, In January 1997, Sam Holden put the official e-mail server online, which allowed for people to subscribe and unsubscribe to a list that had a common e-mail address. Also in January 1997, John Merson developed a web page, and thus the Christian Role-Playing Gamers Association was born. In August 1998, the group decided to develop a leadership team called the Board that would be able to administrate various functions of the CRPGA, as our vision began to expand. The first Board decided that due to some potential problems with using the name CRPGA, and due to the fact that they felt that the focus of the group should be more encompassing than just role-playing games, the name of the group was changed to Christian Gamers Guild. It was also around this time that Chad Burnett began work on the official e-zine of the CGG, The Way, the Truth, and the Dice. Some goals for the future of the CGG include involvement in game design and publishing, game advocacy from a solid Christian perspective when unwarranted hysteria occurs as the result of RPG involvement, as well as ministry at gaming conventions and through other avenues of game involvement.

Let us influence the gaming community for Christ. I have always thought that RPGs and other games would be a perfect tool to introduce and teach others about Christ, but have never found a good way to make it work. It is a fine line trying to make a game that non-Christians can play and enjoy without feeling that they are being preached at.

Christians have too long allowed non-Christians to dominate the imaginal world of role-playing, which was originally inspired by Christian men like J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, not to mention Dante, John Bunyan, and John Milton. I think it’s time to be a creative force in role-playing and other forms of gaming for the true author of all creativity and imagination, Almighty God Himself.

We have a tool… Let us use it to God’s glory.