1. Doc Stephen

    Excellent perspective on characters power seeking both in fantasy games and in the real world. I like the value u mention that some games get us to think about the unseen world…..as Paul says “we see what cannot be seen” [roughly put] and so this awareness has value. As long as we do not cling to false gods and know that all real power is from Jesus.

    • M. J. Young, Chaplain

      Amen, and thanks for commenting. It always encourages me to read that something I wrote benefited someone.

      –M. J. Young

  2. chad

    //who need salvation//

    Your religion is not a virtue; no one ‘needs’ your religion. The act of imagining people are some faulty and in need of something only YOU can provide is a kind of in group versus out group psychological ‘enemy image’ projection. You imagine ills about people outside of your immediate peer group, which is defined by an insular ethnic superstitious belief system. You’re so arrogant, you can’t even consider the possibility that any version of Christianity can exist outside of your own, in fact you talk about other groups and issues as if they are intrinsically not-Christian or better yet.. anti-Christian.

    Most Christians reject your Christianity.

    You’re not a god. You don’t get to speak as if you are a god, which that is exactly what you’re doing.

    No, you’re not telling us the ‘words of jesus’ you’re telling us an extremely narrow personal subjective interpretation that’s derived from a relativistic cultural belief that only temporarily exists in the present. Most Christians reject your belief, both in the present and past, with Christianity ( just like every other religion ) weaving in and out of different ideologies and different interpretations.. with very little cohesion that can’t be enforced at the end of a sword or a gun.

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