1. The only thing I’d really change is some typeface choices. Seems like Chaotic Evil should probably use Wingdings or something otherwise incomprehensible. Or maybe one of those chintzy blood fonts—I’m EEEEVIILLLL! You might have that covered with Neutral Evil—I *think* that’s a horror font? It’s hard to tell at such a small resolution.

    Comic Sans is perfect for Neutral Good. The font of choice for youth groups everywhere.

    And, of course, the conservative and readable typefaces for the Lawful column are entirely appropriate. Although I think Lawful Evil would be ideally represented by Helvetica.

    • Well, as I often say, “A thing of beauty was made by someone else.”

      I’m certainly not averse to you designing a different image for it. Although I was selective in my fonts, I don’t know that someone else couldn’t do better. However, I think it a mistake to make chaotic evil incomprehensible. It is actually a very coherent belief system which can be summarized as “selfish individualism”, and I think you’ll find that a lot of ordinary people hold to it quite firmly.

      Also, I don’t think any of my fonts were labeled “horror fonts”, and wasn’t thinking in those specific terms. But I take it “Helvetica” is a pun?

  2. I was mostly making graphic designer jokes crossed with some about the typical misunderstandings of the alignment archetypes.

    Helvetica is notorious for being a very good font with very unfriendly licensing terms. Some layout snobs insist that it’s the best font, and that you should *definitely* use it, but it’s so expensive that not many budgets can actually afford it. And if you use it unlicensed you will almost certainly be sued.

    On that topic, though, and knowing you have a background in law, fonts are an interesting corner of IP law. In the UK, the typeface—the actual shape of the letters—is protected, but the font file used to produce them is not. In the US it’s the opposite—the letterforms are not patentable, but the font software is protected by copyright.

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