1. Jason Emrich

    Well, the sole purpose of the Ouija board was for contacting spirits. Spirits not of God are looking for any entry, whether through this time-tested method of the occult, or through anything else. They are attracted to things that honor them and draw us away from looking to Christand relying on His between us and the Father. I say dump it for this reason.

    • Thanks for the thought, Jason. I am really tempted to agree with you–but then, Parker Brothers, who makes the Ouija Board “game”, says that the “sole purpose” for it is entertainment, and makes no claims about it contacting spirits. As I say, maybe you can use it to contact spirits, and maybe as Reverend Cardwell suggests all you get is subconscious feedback from your own minds. I certainly agree that wanting to contact spirits is wrong and dangerous. But if you are using it for its advertised purpose of entertainment? That’s a harder question.

      It’s that “sole purpose” statement that is problematic. Yes, people use them to attempt to contact spirits, and the fact that people use it for that is good reason not to have one around. I don’t see the entertainment value in playing with it if you don’t believe it’s anything other than subconscious tricks of the mind–but then, I don’t see the entertainment value in most sitcoms, horror movies, popular secular music, or reality television, and apparently there are people who enjoy that kind of thing, so it’s possible that these things have benign entertainment value outside my experience.

      Don’t use one; don’t own one. I see no little in having one, and a fair amount of potential harm. But don’t confuse that with saying that the thing itself is inherently evil. It’s just misused.

      Thanks again.

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