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GRIT is the currency of the game for character advancement. It represents determined intent. You use it to buy all mechanical facets of the character, such as stats, skills, hit points, etc… GRIT can also be used to purchase instant rewards such as critical successes, use of GIFT techniques and other similar actions.

Starting GRIT: 100

Cost for starting Stats, Skills, Hit Points and Saving Throws is 1 per. A strength of 1 costs 1 GRIT, a Strength of 10 is 10 GRIT.

Cost for Feats is 1 GRIT per feat. All prerequisites must be met.


The Rule of Quarters

All Stats, Skills and Saving Throws (excluding adjustments for stats or racial bonuses) are organized into 4 Quarters. Feats are differently sectioned based on the number of prerequisite feats, but still in Quarters. If a feat has no prerequisites it is considered Novice. If it has 1 feat as a prerequisite it is Apprentice. If it has 2 then Journeyman. If it has 3 then Master. If 4 or more it is Legendary.

Novice or Low: 1-5.

Apprentice or Fair: 6-10

Journeyman or Good: 11-15

Master or Excellent:16-20

Legendary: 21+



After character creation, the costs remain the same, except that a SEASONAL ACTION is needed to pursue advancement. Additionally to increase Stats, Skills, Saving Throws and Feats at Apprentice level or higher requires a proficiency check to achieve (advancement within Novice rank automatically succeeds). A proficiency check is made by an unmodified D20 roll higher than the current value.

Example: For a skill in Long Sword to advance from 7 to 8, the character would spend 1 GRIT during one of their SEASONAL ACTIONS and then roll a D20. If the roll is 8 or over, the character’s training has paid off and their advancement to 8 is complete.

If they fail the GRIT is NOT refunded. It is lost. However they do add +1 to the next attempt they make on that Skill. Bonuses from failed attempts are cumulative until a success is made. These bonuses are lost once a successful advancement in that Skill is made.

If an attempt fails, a character can PUSH to achieve their goal. To PUSH a character accrues 1 STRESS and then spends as many GRIT as needed to meet their goal.

Example: You want to advance your character’s Long Sword skill from 7 to 8. During a SEASONAL ACTION, you spend 1 GRIT to make a proficiency check with a result of 6. You can PUSH the character. Doing so, you take 1 STRESS and spend 2 additional GRIT to get the desired result of 8. If you do not PUSH, then mark down a +1 to the side of the skill. The next SEASONAL ACTION you take to improve that particular skill will benefit from a +1 to the attempt roll. If the next time, the attempt also fails, then the bonus increases to +2 for the following attempt and so on.

Master levels require exceptional use in an adventure or other exceptional display of determination to advance said skill.

Legendary levels are only accomplished through dedicated adventures or extreme effort.

Hit Points can be advanced by 1 during a SEASONAL ACTION by spending 1 GRIT. Attempts are always successful regardless of the number of hit points.

Training and Mentors.

Characters belonging to guilds or organizations or securing a mentor will gain a bonus  to the proficiency check depending on their skill of the teacher or the quality of the program and facility.

Success and Failures during critical game encounters

Natural 20s and 1s on a D20 during critical game moments (typically goal encounters) grant a +1 to the next proficiency check for that skill, stat or saving throw. It is cumulative with other advancement bonuses.


GRIT Chart

Name Cost (in GRIT) Notes
Increase a STAT 1 *requires a proficiency check for advancement beyond NOVICE
Increase a SKILL 1 *requires a proficiency check for advancement beyond NOVICE
Increase a SAVING THROW 1 *requires a proficiency check for advancement beyond NOVICE
Acquire a FEAT 1 *requires a proficiency check for advancement beyond NOVICE
PUSH varies *1 GRIT per point needed to achieve a successful attempt
Gain a HIT POINT 1
Use a GIFT 1
Negate a RAGE POINT 1
Ignore STRESS penalties for 1 round 1

The Lands in the Clouds setting and the GRIT system are provided as a showcase of the work of a CGG member. The Guild takes no official position on the suitability or appropriateness of any game or supplement.

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