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STRESS is a mechanic which represents characters pushing beyond their physical limitations. For every 1 point of STRESS, a character is -1 to attack, armor class, saving throws, stat checks and skill checks. A character reduces the STRESS penalty by their WISDOM bonus. So it is not uncommon for some characters to carry a limited amount of STRESS without adverse effect. If a character has more STRESS points than their WISDOM attribute, they will become unstable and may go mad, endangering themselves or friends. If a character has more STRESS than WISDOM they must make a will saving throw each time they accrue additional STRESS, including their current STRESS penalties. If they succeed, they keep everything in check. If they fail, they suffer a mental break, reacting wildly. See the FLIPPED OUT chart.


Accruing STRESS

Most often STRESS is accrued when a character does not have enough GRIT to make an opportunity purchase of a skill, feat or other facet. In this way, they can push themselves (saying up late, skipping sleep or other exhausting choices over a prolonged time) and utilize an opportunity they may not have later. Effectively, it is a loan on GRIT for any purpose.

Combat also is a frequent way to STRESS is gained. Anytime a character falls below 0 hit points, they gain 1 point of stress. If a character falls to more than -10 they will have a NEAR DEATH experience. NEAR DEATH adds 10 points of STRESS!

Spirit attacks can deal STRESS damage as well. Those attacks vary in damage and have a chance to be resisted or negated.

In a SEASONAL TURNS, if a character does not use one of their SEASONAL ACTIONS for rest, they will accrue 1 point of STRESS.

Recovering STRESS

STRESS can be recovered in several ways. The most common way to recover is rest. Using a SEASONAL ACTION to rest removes 1 point of STRESS. A character can pay various sums for special facilities such as vacations, retreats or similar to increase the effectiveness of rest in STRESS reduction.

Some RELATIONSHIPS may offer a random chance per SEASONAL TURN to reduce STRESS by 1 point.

An invested hobby by way of a feat, also offers a random chance of reducing STRESS by 1 point.


Gain GRIT 1 point per GRIT received
Hit Points fall below 0 1
Failing to Rest 1
Spirit Attack varies


D10 Roll Result
1 Panic Attack, able to be directed by others, but otherwise cannot act.
2 Verbal Tirade, verbally assails whom or whatever caused the new STRESS.
3 Character runs away, fleeing the situation by the fastest route, heedless of danger.
4 Hysterical, incoherent babbling, screaming, crying and/or shaking. No actions possible.
5 Lash Out, attacks cause of STRESS physically.
6 Destructive Rage, attacks closest inanimate object, even their own personal belongings until something of value is destroyed. Use a RAGE point if available for maximum effect.
7 Exhibition, seeks to make a shocking and public display of mockery or derision focused on the cause of STRESS, including screaming, dancing, laughing, singing or other displays with the specific intent of belittling.
8 Despair, gives up all resistance to or pursuit of cause of STRESS. Will comply with any order given.
9 Spite, pursues effect counter to true goal.
10 Passes Out, character is overwhelmed and loses consciousness for 1d6 hours.

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