1. Northgate City. The most prominent of the mercs is a power armor clad super called Forcemerchant. But to make things more complicated, there is Dr. Zhorbhakian, the World’s Smartest Man (trademarked) who along with his vast powers has a belief that he is a hero, even if he takes the Law as a dimwitted suggestion, and is willing to do things like secretly transfer everyone’s brains into robots in an alternate bubble universe that hecontrols so as to save the world from the inevitable failure of the superheroes which will cause the world to explode. Then there is Soliton, this world’s Superman, who destroyed a planet on purpose for what he thought were good reasons, and now out of guilt basically does nothing. Forcemerchant might well argue that he is better than either as he does not take certain jobs which conflict with his somewhat expansive moral code.

    • And this is intermixing effect with intent. And intermixing perhaps delusional beliefs, definitely law breaking and human rights shattering beliefs in one’s own need to Do the Right Thing, with being a Hero. If you break the Law to save the World, are you a Hero? Or did you disregard a lesser Law in favor of a Greater Law? What if everyone else says ‘you’re insane’. What if everyone else is legitamately not smart enough to get in a battle of wits with you? What if, you think the best thing for the world if for you to withhold your efforts?

      Its clear FM is not a hero. He would not claim to be.

      And what about mercs who have less of an expansive moral code, and more of a ‘get paid’ code?

      Superheroes offer the chance to ask grand moral questions. In the normal universe, a man saying ‘I am the smartest person on the planet, and you cannot understand why I must do this’ is a delusion, but if Dr. Z says it, it might well be true.

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