Dungeons & Dragons & Discipleship

Life is just amazing.  Next week begins what I’m calling D&D&D:  Dungeons & Dragons & Discipleship.  For those who have been following along, I’ll be showing clergy (and others) in the East Ohio Conference United Methodist Church how to use a tabletop roleplaying game like D&D as a discipleship tool.

At the core of what we call Christian Discipleship, for those of us who are United Methodists, is what is referred to as Virtue Ethics.  We can find this in the summation of our General Rules handed down to us by John Wesley. They are:

1. Do No Harm.
2. Do Good.
3. Stay in Love with God.

At its core, virtue grows and prospers through repeated practice.  As human beings, we are endowed with this great and wonderful gift called imagination and it is in imagination and play that we can begin the first steps of growing in virtue.  It is through this imaginative play when done in a positive and affirming manner that we are able to translate these virtues into everyday life.

Honestly, when I was first introduced to Virtue Ethics through C. S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” I never thought it would lead to this place.  I believe I had the first inklings (see what I did there?) of this concept when I attended seminary and was officially taught Virtue Ethics by the amazing Peter Gathje.

So, friends in the church, lift me up in your prayers as this endeavor kicks off next week; and my friends and family in the tabletop gaming community, I’d appreciate your prayers and/or positive vibes as well.

I have personally thanked some people who have been instrumental in getting me to this point in my life and ministry.  I know I have probably left someone out, for which I’m sorry because there have been so many of you.

Last, but not least, I also want to thank all of my Patreon supporters as well as the great people of the Christian Gamers Guild who have been on this journey with me since the mid-1990s.

Rev. Derek W. White

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