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  1. Thanks for the fun article! Your clear container reminds me of a similar solution a friend and I used years ago when we wanted to play D&D but had a lot of errands to run on foot around town. We each took a zip-lock sandwich bag, filled it with the dice we needed. We played as we walked, and whenever a roll was required, we’d throw the bag down on the sidewalk and view the appropriate die result through the bag. We realized after a while of this that observant passersby probably thought we were lunatics, but then remembered we were in Berkeley, CA, so we blended right into the environment! 😀

    Nowadays, I like to use a rolling tray — either a homemade XPS foam one or, if I’m not at home, any kind of plate/tray with raised edges that may be at hand. I’ve been thinking about springing for one of those little snap-up travel ones, but haven’t gotten around to it.

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