1. Matthew Butler

    I know just what to do… The most effective thing any real believer should do! Leave a comment on the petition with an asterisk and Amazon Prime (*Amazon Prime) where it reads Netflix… I won’t protest their protest, I’ll simply edit it and agree with my edit! 😂

  2. Christine lewis

    Christian rights are being eroded so fast and thick in these days, to sign a petition about a piece of entertainment that is anti -Bible (haven’t seen it just read the synopsis on it) is nothing that warrants such an elongated piece of writing and the fuss you have made about it, not to mention the belittling of the Christian!
    As far as relevance is concerned – the Christians mandate is not how to figure out how to be relevant! Jesus Himself was certainly not relevant to His time and culture. We don’t seek popularity amongst the world, or their good thoughts or acceptance. I am a Christian, if I’m living it right, no matter what I say or do the world will hate me anyway just as it hated Jesus…
    So programme or no programme, protests or no protests… I think it best you find something worthwhile to write about and leave the Christian to do what their hearts and consciences lead them to do.
    How about writing about the absolute moral decline of our world since it barred God from its playground, how every depravity is being applauded in this ‘Noah’ age we live in?
    Or what about the despicable one world religion that the apostate Pope is presently trying to forge to make way for the one world government and the PERSON of the antiChrist?
    But Christians protesting about a film?
    Come on!

    • Thank you for those thoughts, Christine. I’m going to try to make two points in response.

      The second, you wrote “I think it best you find something worthwhile to write about and leave the Christian to do what their hearts and consciences lead them to do.” The thing is, I write, and I write about many things–analyses of Supreme Court decisions, exegetical studies of scripture, time travel movies, morality in politics, and much more. With two degrees in biblical studies, a Juris Doctore, and decades of ministry experience, I have hundreds of articles on the web, and hundreds more that are no longer there. (There once was an index of my articles on the web, but it became too difficult to maintain.) Someone I know in ministry called my attention to this petition, and was upset about it, and as I researched it I was also upset about it and felt that something had to be said, not only about this but about the many protests through which Christians have blackened our own eyes. I work with the Christian Gamers Guild, an organization that for decades now has worked to mend fences with the hobby game world since Christians ignorantly opposed Dungeons & Dragons (I game created by two Christians). I appreciate that you disagree with what I wrote. I disagree with some of your concerns. I respect your right to hold those opinions and express them. I wrote this because in my opinion it was worthwhile to write it.

      The first, you wrote, “a piece of entertainment that is anti -Bible (haven’t seen it just read the synopsis on it)”. Please, then, do me the courtesy of reading this, from a credentialed minister who posted to our Facebook page in response to this article:

      I so enjoyed this honest and challenging article. And, I did see the mini-series ‘Good Omens’ on Amazon Prime. And It was Great!….It is thought provoking, well done, yes it[‘]s funny, and ignited conversations in our home of young adults, teens, and Us, their seriously Pentecostal parents,…I say see it! And, Please never stop speaking out against non-creatives without a vision of how to spark the dark round about us. Every communication medium is a gift from The Lord. I encourage you to use every tool in the box, because the enemy never holds back from using every creative thing in our world. So, Pray hard to get a seat at the conversation table in every arena, and every tribe in every culture – because that is exactly where the one who sends us all would want to be. Good Stand Here CGG.

      So I have your opinion, which you openly admit is largely ignorant, and I have the informed opinion of a credentialed minister who actually knows first hand about the series. Given that I know no more about either of you than what you have each told me, which of you should I trust?

      Again, thank you.

      Oh–thanks to you, too, Matthew.

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