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  1. This series has been on a dramatic increase, especially with recent hype lately, and that is Kingdom Hearts. Although it does not claim to be Christian, I have found many loads of possible symbols relating to the Bible. One of the most important symbolism used in the series is revealing more light and banishing the darkness. The main protagonist attempts to destroy the main antagonist (Sora versus Xehanort respectively), which is a symbol of exorcism/light versus dark/defeating evil using a “sword” (keyblade)/etc.

    One of the primary ways to exercise a Christian life is to banish darkness/hate/trouble from our lives and refill those voids with God’s Marvelous Light! So, out of all games, this game series (Kingdom Hearts) was one of the most important in truly understanding what it means.

    A final note, I believe similar symbols are present in the Naruto Anime Series, as Naruto does have many times where he has had to remove darkness or rise above the darkness/hate to make it to the higher place; however, this one requires a bit more work in keeping the “occult” in check.

    In both of these series, the game and anime, they both seek to leverage friends and love to make all of it happen (of light defeating darkness).

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