Christian Game Designers, Writers, and Publishers

Compiled by members of the Christian Gamers Guild, and by Lynette R. F. Cowper, M. Joseph Young, and Paul Cardwell

  In compiling this list, industry groups were contacted, and the members invited to include their names on a list of Christians in the hobby game industry.  Thus those listed here are self-identified as Christians.  The Christian Gamers Guild does not by including them in this list certify that they adhere to our statement of faith or to any other; many included here who are not members of the Christian Gamers Guild were not asked if they were Christians by our definition, and so their inclusion here should not be read to suggest that they claim to hold to our statement of faith.  Rather, those listed here claim to be Christians as they understand that.  Some have included their denomination.  Some Christians will not view all of the listed denominations as within their own definition of Christian, and again the Christian Gamers Guild does not claim that all listed denominations adhere to the Statement of Faith by which we define our understanding of Christianity.  We do not wish to offend anyone by the inclusion or exclusion of anyone on this list, but to provide names, information, and e-mail addresses for people in the industry who would claim the name Christian.  We hope the reader will understand the difficulty inherent in attempting to compile such a list, in that each of us understands the Church Universal a bit differently--some whom you would consider Christian might well regard others as Christian whom you would not.  We trust you will find at least several persons listed here whose beliefs and background are akin to yours, even if there are others listed to whom you would object.

  They appear here in the order in which they were confirmed as additions to this list, which required that they confirm that they considered themselves Christian and were willing to have it stated in this context.  Underlined/colored names indicate that the individual has agreed to having their e-mail address listed here so that those of similar faith or denomination may contact them with questions; non-inclusion of an e-mail address may mean that the individual does not receive e-mail or does not publish an address so as to avoid Spam.  Links are included on some, to web sites related to their materials or other information about them.  No endorsement of any game or product is to be inferred from such links.

  Additional names will be added to this list as they are confirmed.  If you are a Christian involved in gaming who would like to be added to this list, or if your name is here and corrections need to be made, please contact our chaplain M. J. Young.

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