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I'm a graduate of Western Seminary and Licensed to ministry by an SBC church. My undergrad work was in Broadcasting Management and Computer Science, with a BA from Eastern Washington State University, and an Associates in Applied Science from Columbia Basin Community College. I grew up in Pasco Washington. I live in Portland Oregon USA, and I currently work as a Quality Line Leader at Owen-Illinois glass bottle factory, working rotating shifts. I have been married since 1997 to Luana. I have been active in the Christian Gamers Guild in leadership since 1996. I have been Game Mastering RPGs since summer of 1978. Ran a BBS dedicated to RPGs from 1983 until 2000. I am a regular panelist for a couple of conventions in the Northwest, and have been on ConCom for GameStorm since 2002 in one capacity or another. I'm also an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer. My hobbies include reloading ammunition (I probably do more of that then actual shooting), Shooting, running RPGs, watching Anime and non-horror scifi, Riding my 1983 Suzuki GR650, and reading theology. I am an inactive member of Christian Motorcyclist Association, I'm a backup Sunday school teacher at Holgate Baptist, and I am an assistant coach for the Jr. shooter NRA and CMP program for Estacada Rod and Gun Club. I have written a few formal articles, but mostly do all my writing about RPGs and Gameology as a Gameologian, on social media and email lists. I have written an RPG called Claymore!, and enjoy running pretty much all RPGs, but have a particular fondness for rules lite systems like 1st Edition AD&D. Luana and I have three cats; Bilbo, Sam, and Mitten; and we are dog dogs yet.

Precious Moments at WAR!

preciousmoments_title_v01I’m sure you’ve seen the cute yet spiritual Precious Moments figures somewhere. (If not, go to your local greeting card store or check out the Precious Moments web page at Chances are, someone near and dear to you collects them. They look nice enough in the cabinet, but wouldn’t it be fun to take them out and play with them? Even better, how about a miniatures wargame with Precious Moments figures? OK, it can’t be too gruesome or violent, but it can be done. Here are rules for a Precious Moments Miniatures Battle game.

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The Numbers Game

CGG President Rodney Barnes begins a series about how a Gamemaster can be a Servant to their roleplaying group. 

Too many personalities to handle?

How big should your RPG group be?

There is not a set answer to the question of how big your group should be. But here are some helpful guidelines to help you in establishing a group size. Read more

Sci-Fi Gaming with 5th Edition D&D

Modern Ops / Sci-fi using D&D 5e??

I thought to myself, sure, let’s go for it. I love modern ops, sci-fi, and D&D. Why not run D&D in space? So, first, I start with how firearms and modern weapons are covered in the DMG pages 267-268 and these two articles from WOTCs website:

My New D20 Modern Campaign

Modern Magic | Unearthed Arcana

Then I added my own flare for what you need in your personal setting, going with the D&D 5th Edition rule of “specific trumps general”. I also created two commonly used “paths” for the Rogue class, extrapolating from the long out-of-print “DragonStar” d20 setting. Read more

Magic as Part of Creation

First, let me address the matter of the question. When talking about a designing a role-playing game and the role that magic in the role-playing game will take, we must first decide on what questions we are asking ourselves. Several questions come to my mind. First, what is magic? What is it, not only in fantasy and reality, but also in the role-playing sub-culture? What will it be in my game world or system? The second question is “Why do I want it in the game system?” Why do I need or want magic in the game I’m designing? Third, how does it work in my game system? How do I want it to work in my game? Read more